Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy Xzilon®?

Xzilon® is only sold and applied by Authorized Auto Dealerships throughout the United States. Contact Xzilon, Inc. for the dealership nearest to your location at 800-553-6866 or email: 


Yes, Xzilon®, Xzilon+™, Xzilon X4™, Xzilon Green™, Xzilon Green+™, and Xzilon Green X4™ are product warranties that requires the application (of a specifically formulated Xzilon® or Xzilon Green™ product) by an authorized selling automotive dealership.

How do I clean my vehicle after Xzilon® has been applied?

We suggest regular routine washing and general maintenance on the vehicle. Regular washing should be at least every 2 weeks, including interior vacuuming, in addition we require immediate removal of spills and debris.

What products do you recommend for washing my vehicle, with Xzilon® applied to it?

You may use any high quality, non-abrasive car soap.

Can I wax my vehicle, after Xzilon® has been applied to it?

Yes, you can use any non abrasive carnauba wax applied by hand. Waxing is not required to maintain your warranty.

Will I have to have Xzilon® reapplied before the end of my limited warranty?

No, reapplication is not required.

Can I take my vehicle, with Xzilon® applied on it, to a car wash?

Yes, you can use a drive through a car wash, as long as it is a "Touch-less" or "Brush-less" variety. You never want anything to scratch your protection. Please make sure your car is dried completely. You may wish to dry it by hand with a soft cotton towel or a chamois.

Can I wash my vehicle, with Xzilon® applied on it, at a "hand car wash"?

Yes, absolutely. Just make sure your vehicle is completely dried with a soft cotton towel or a chamois.

Can I use a buffer or machinery on my vehicle, that has Xzilon® applied on it?

We don't recommend any machinery or abrasives to be used on your vehicle's paint.

How do I file a claim?

You can report-a-claim online 24/7/365 at (click "Start a Claim") or call Xzilon, Inc. at 800-553-6866. Please note, for exterior claims (such as hard water etching and bird droppings), please attempt to remove the "issue" before reporting a claim. For interior claims, please attempt to remove any staining before reporting a claim. Finally, review your Xzilon® Limited Warranty before reporting a claim to help identify what damage is covered and as a reference for your limited warranty number.

What is the Xzilon® Limited Warranty term?

If you have already purchased Xzilon®, review the Xzilon® Limited Warranty that you received from the selling dealership. Otherwise, ask your authorized Xzilon® selling dealer for more information.

Can I have Xzilon® reapplied after my limited warranty has expired?

YES! Contact your authorized Xzilon® selling dealer for more information.