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Xzilon is a leading provider of automotive appearance protection. Customers with a Xzilon warranty can simply download this free app to initiate hassle-free service. It is simple claims processing for the modern customer. This free app is also available for an auto dealer service advisor when a Xzilon customer needs claims assistance while visiting the dealer’s service department.

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Build Lasting Customer Loyalty With Private Product & Service Branding

Private labeling of F&I products is an undeniable trend that is limited to a "label" on the marketing material. Your Dealer Experience extends private labeling to a complete “Dealer Experience” that promotes the selling dealer from the finance office interaction, to the consumer’s ownership experience and ultimately on the dealership’s service drive. This powerful workflow leverages enhanced marketing and technology that drives sales, creates customer retention and an unparalleled customer experience.

Discover the EVOlution!

Xzilon® breaks through conventional appearance protection with Xzilon EVO™. This new benchmark of performance includes the unprecedented combination of Xzilon® exterior protection and the anti-microbial interior strength of XMicrobe™.

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Stop the cycle!

XMicrobe™ Protect is a continuous anti-microbial protection barrier that resists stains, odors and harmful germs and microbes. It is earth-friendly, EPA registered, and protects your interior cabin, trunk and air ventilation system. View XMicrobe Overview video now!

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Proven Protection!

Windshield+ (Glass Modifier) is laboratory proven to prevent rock chips or significantly reduce rock chip damage size. View Windshield+ Prove It video now!

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About Xzilon®

Xzilon® was initially developed by Granitize Products, Inc. for the aviation industry. Granitize Products, Inc. manufactures and markets a full line of appearance protection products, detail products and service chemicals since 1930. Xzilon® has been formulated in different versions to add additional protection performance benefits for the automobile, aviation, granite countertops, swimming pool and eye glasses industries. Currently, Xzilon® is being sold at automobile dealerships in all 50 states (plus Puerto Rico) and in its other industry specific formulations around the world.

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Xzilon's® comprehensive product line creates a higher standard of protection for consumers and their new or pro-owned vehicle. Experience the Xzilon® Evolution on our iPad App today!

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