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Xzilon® breaks through conventional appearance protection with Xzilon EVO™. This new benchmark of performance includes the unprecedented combination of Xzilon® exterior protection and the anti-microbial interior strength of XMicrobe™.

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Stop the cycle!

XMicrobe™ Protect is a continuous anti-microbial protection barrier that resists stains, odors and harmful germs and microbes. It is earth-friendly, EPA registered, and protects your interior cabin, trunk and air ventilation system. View XMicrobe Overview video now!

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Proven Protection!

Windshield+ (Glass Modifier) is laboratory proven to prevent rock chips or significantly reduce rock chip damage size. View Windshield+ Prove It video now!

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About Xzilon®

Xzilon® was initially developed by Granitize Products, Inc. for the aviation industry. Granitize Products, Inc. manufactures and markets a full line of appearance protection products, detail products and service chemicals since 1930. Xzilon® has been formulated in different versions to add additional protection performance benefits for the automobile, aviation, granite countertops, swimming pool and eye glasses industries. Currently, Xzilon® is being sold at automobile dealerships in all 50 states (plus Puerto Rico) and in its other industry specific formulations around the world.

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