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We believe it's our responsibility to contribute and enhance the dealer/customer centric relationship with the solutions we provide to improve the dealer's revenue, enhance the customer's experience and maximize retention.

The most important relationship is between the dealer and their customer

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It's our job to help inspire more sales and improve customer retention for the dealer!

More sales - You can illustrate the modern connection to service to inspire a connected "yes"

More retention - In order for a dealer to improve customer retain, two things must occur. The customer must have a great experience and that great experience must be associated to the dealer.

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The customer intuitively returns to the selling dealer's service drive...are you ready to deliver a world class experience?

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We empower a transformative dealer experience

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Plug Your Network of Third Party Service
Providers into the YDE Ecosystem –keeping the customer connected to your brand throughout their ownership experience. Innovative technology creates a dealer/customer centric solution that improves customer engagement, experience and loyalty.

Personalize The Experience

Your Dealer Experience

Transcend private labeling with a next generation private dealer experience including a branded brochure, claims website and mobile app.

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Stay connected to your customers with 100% app adoption and a solution that enhances customer involvement and appreciation.

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